Delivering contextual intelligence with ease and peace of mind

Our on-device AI transforms sensor data from mobile devices into a rich ontology of real-time moments, such as "commuting from work to the gym on a crowded bus".

The software runs natively
on the device which means that ​none of your user’s personal data is sent to the cloud for processing​, ensuring privacy by design.

The software is packaged into an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) which integrates seamlessly with existing mobile applications. 


Easy to use High-Level Contexts

Increase customer engagement with simple real-time access to their powerful high-level context predictions such as "about to enter the subway".

Privacy-centric design ensures peace of mind for even the most restrictive regulations, whilst enabling the best user experience  with minimal latency.

On-device Processing


Artificial Intelligence

We work with academic partners to embrace the forefront of sensor fusion, signal processing and machine learning in a simple design that anyone can use.

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